Launch Event

7-8 June 2019, MICT Park, YANGON


Over the past decades, Myanmar is transforming into market economy, democratic governance, and trying to catch up with global trend of digital economy. To do so, not only government agencies need to upgrade their e-government practices, but also private sectors need to upgrade their business practices to be in line with fast growing digital economy. In 2013, Myanmar government liberalized the telecom sector thus mobile phone and Internet usage by public skyrocketed since mid-2014. Network coverage spread out throughout the country and mobile phone usage rate increase. As of 2018, about 85 % of mobile users use smart phones. Although number of online users increase rapidly, the growth of e-commerce activities are a bit slow and digital literacy of online users are still very limited.

Yangon International University (YIU), in collaboration with international organizations, is launching a series of Digital Economy Initiative Conference, in order to support Myanmar’s Digital Economy Initiatives. This very first event of the series will focus on Digital Transformation.

In plenary session (7 June 2019, 08:00-12:00), the speakers from eGL (eGovernment Leadership Centre)/Institute of Systems Science (ISS)/National University of Singapore (NUS), … and Association of Thai ICT Industry (ATCI) will deliver Keynote Speeches on:

  • Preparing for Digital Economy amidst Digital Disruptions,
  • SMART City (TBC), and
  • Digital transformation lessons learned in Thailand (TBC)


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